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Malaysia Fly Fishing

Listen to the sound of the river and you will catch fish.

Malaysia Fly Fishing
Traveling to Malaysia for a fly-fishing safari in its many off-grid areas is an experience that will remain with you for life. While you can expect breathtaking landscapes and of course endless exciting angling opportunities, it's also important to be prepared for your adventure.

For example, as you're planning your fly-fishing adventure, you shouldn't forget to book your transport in advance. Whether it's a taxi or the train, ferry, or bus ride, it's always best to have your tickets secured ahead of time. This will not only save you time and hassle with queues etc, but will also result in peace of mind, given that you know that everything is taken care of.

Peak Season vs. Monsoon Season

It's especially important to book your tickets well in advance during Malaysia's busy tourist season, which runs from about March, the end of the northeast monsoon, to September thereabouts, usually the start of the northeast monsoon. The March to September season also has several school holidays and public holidays in both Singapore and Malaysia. In other words, available tickets tend to be few and far between during this spell.

Avoiding Thirst and Hunger Pangs

One aspect of your trip that you should also not overlook is having enough to drink and a little cache of delicious and preferably healthy snacks on hand at all times. I recommend bringing along enough bottled water and Eureka Snacks popcorn, respectively.

My preferred Eureka Snacks flavours are Tangy Tomato and Pizza. These two savoury varieties not only taste great, but they also offer some fibre and make you feel quite full for a while. You'll be able to keep your energy levels up and your hunger at bay, even during long coach or train rides or ferry trips when in between destinations. The natural taste of the Tangy Tomato is especially wholesome, making it a perfect snack for a day spent out in the great outdoors.

Best of Both Worlds

But there are plenty of flavours for anglers with a sweettooth too, such as Butter Caramel and Dark Choc. And if you're feeling particularly intrepid, how about Wasabi or Seaweed? Sure, they may not sound like the first thing that comes to mind for a snack, but trust me, they're an awesome pick-me-up when you're a little fatigued from the hours of angling.

Eureka Snacks popcorn is made from prime-grade, so-called "mushroom" kernels, which are known for their light and super-fluffy texture. Better yet, you won't come across any hard unpopped seeds in a packet of Eureka Snacks. How so? Because these are always filtered out before they go no sale.

Eureka Snacks

This gourmet-style popcorn is also free from preservatives, transfats, and GMOs, making it a snack that you can feel good about nibbling on any time of day or night. Whether you're a health-conscious angler or just someone who appreciates quality food over junkfood, Eureka Snacks are the perfect snacks to have packed.

Get Some

OK, if you're curious and want to go ahead and get some, you have two options. You can 1) Order your snacks online and have the packets home-delivered, usually within a day, max two. Alternatively, you can 2) Hop over to one of the countless physical sales points in Malaysia offered by Eureka Snacks. There are shops, popup kiosks, snackbars and even some vending machines here and there. You can see here which of these is closest to you here.

Tight lines! And happy snacking!

-- The Independent Angler --

Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.